Let the Doctor be the Doctor

Falling sick is itself a very troublesome situation and to not have a trusted and cooperating medical assistance in these cases can perhaps lead to the increment of suffering. Coincidentally the fear of consultation fees overcomes the fear of falling sick itself here. And thus we Indians proudly, very wittingly based on the expertise of our Ancestral-Household-medicinal tricks and our all-time proficiency in the well acknowledged art of Jugaad have skirted our way around. We’ve discovered the boon (pun unintended) of Self Medication.Realizing this important fact and the uncanny dilemma of the situation Your Squire Inc. has designed a service which is going to single handedly fix the Healthcare problem: On call Consultation from Doctors. we have found the right insight and the right amount of Pedigree with us, enough to sustain any threat to your health and to your wallet and thus, we hope that you might not need it but we expect then when you might, you’d seek a professional guidance.


Speak Your Way to the Riches

People like it in a Sapiosexual sense to have met a linguist or for that matter someone who knows multiple languages. Whatever we expect from our Intern-to-associate-to-executive-to-manager-to-president-to-CEO/Partner jobs ranging from perks (residence, transit, incentives) to foreign travel, from Class 1 life to retirement benefits, from international exposure to handsome salaries; this business of Linguists has got it all. We can go one listing jobs like Airline services, Advertisement industry, Publishing, data annotation, Communication Disorder therapists but eventually one needs to understand that the times have gone when we were identified by the professional mainstream qualifications. Just, just mention the interest, make the call and we’ll be there to get you a real Linguist’s career. Language isn’t only for communication and as the headline says- It can Help you to walk your way to the riches.

Whoever said I was Old…!

Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history, is second childishness and mere oblivion…

-William Shakespeare, The Seven Ages, As You Like It
Integrity and peace are sought in Adult diapers, pension schemes, and low floor buses to show that the old age is as devious stage as it is actually considered and petty measures are taken to show that care needs to be taken.
They need Geriatricians, not pillows to keep them from tripping over the bed, they need Yoga trainers, not orthopedists to tend their pains, and they need gerontologists more than inheritance lawyers.
Your Squire considers ripping off the unnecessary concern latched to this age by providing the means to people in order to have their lives the way they should indeed have: the normal and simple way.
Whoever said that I was Old come look into me all you want, and no matter what I’ll always be three steps, four steps, seven steps ahead of you for I have some good Squires some good Comarades.

Take out the Taking Out Blues

Not all dates can be planned in the same ‘Flowers, Movie, Dinner, Drive’ manner’. Not all minds have the same idea of Romanticism and certainly not the same interests. While all sorts of events from birthday parties to family functions, from corporate events to business meetings are being planned and they have a flourishing business where solutions can be found for personalized requirements, why shouldn’t one seek expert, professional & organized consultation for another vital part of life: Love? We with all conviction and pride inform you that Your Squire Inc. is into this business of making love a little bit more organized, savvy and pleasurable. Your Valentines are waiting to be stumped, so:

I love Her for what She is

“For You created my inmost being, you knit me together in my Mother’s Womb, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are full wonderful, I know that full well”: PSALM 139:13-14. To tell you the truth, the moment we’ll find the true meaning of her existence the true virtue of her actions we’ll rise above the idea of having a reason to love her.
Love her for the one she strives to be and love her for the one that she almost is.
Today we take time to discuss about one of them (in some cases the only one and in some cases the disguised one): The Mother.

Give me the address; I need to find a LIFE

There is a Carrot somewhere that we’re chasing we know that it’s at the end of the stick and no matter how faster we chase it; the fact lies that the very physics of this chase can never be overcome. 88% of Indian Managers accepted the fact that “while at office they keep thinking about the household chores and while at home they can’t take their mind of the job responsibilities”. Maintaining a work life balance is indeed a myth but arranging for it is not. Hire us and Make Your Daily Chores Your Gaily Chores. Here’s an article based on the results of the Time Use Survey done by Your Squire Inc. team.