Give me the address; I need to find a LIFE


Yeah! Mr. Welch like I have a choice when my portfolio manager calls me to meet urgently at 6:00, right in the middle of a meeting where I’m being instructed by my over concerned boss to complete the project by midnight today while my phone is flooded with messages from the two glorious ladies of my life; THE MOTHER and THE MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN.

The monthly acts of trickery executed by our HR departments under the euphemism of Life Management Sessions and Motivational Sessions for Personnel Care and Management, very much promulgate the fact that there is a Carrot somewhere that we’re chasing we know that it’s at the end of the stick and no matter how faster we chase it; the fact lies that the very physics of this chase can never be overcome. It makes us feel that after we all are one Giant community of Arses who know but can’t help it.

Even if we go by the statistical proofs we Indians spend our lives equally on Paid work (56%) compared to the Unpaid work (44%). And if you are smart enough to look beyond the mendacity of popular amateurish concern you’d be able to see that it’s not the work life balance that’s the problem, it’s believing that the Paid work is messing with our lives. A whopping 88% of Indian Managers accepted the fact that “while at office they keep thinking about the household chores and while at home they can’t take their mind off the job responsibilities”, and doesn’t this brings back the image to life; the image of a mouse running a dynamo for powering bulbs. Believe it or not, your housemaid resigning from the job is equally a stressing mishap as compared to the sales figures dropping for your company.

When Himalyas seem to be only option remaining you can very well conclude that life has swallowed you all the way through and spat the whole of you out leaving you all messed up. Maintaining a Work-Life balance is a myth, there can never be a situation when all the ends have been met and people have the space to lie down, watch Halley’s Comet and talk to their partners about beautiful nothings (isn’t this how most of us imagine it). Thus maintaining a work life balance is indeed a myth but arranging for it is not, please do not misjudge this statement as a prologue to the idea of prioritizing, time management, scheduling etc., for it has been said and is a proven fact “worrying (in this case planning) is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t gets you anywhere”. By arranging for chores we mean realizing the truth, embracing the idea that chores are something which can never be forsaken, to believe that too much planning and worrying indeed spoils the soup and to understand that never in your life should the actions govern you but infact you should be the one governing the actions, by identifying that not everything is meant to have your personal touch for it to maintain the efficiency and sanctity that’s expected of it. It’s about identifying the truth that hardships are to stay and to circumnavigate around this truth thereby developing resources for resolving jobs.

It’s like KOBAYASHI MARU: the test of STAR WARS movie, if the jobs are screwing with lives then the lives need to turn the table, face and then dodge the problem, play the jobs over; find wisdom to face with gleeful smile and planning as they go along. One way to do so is to realize that not all the jobs are meant to be done, saying no to trivial jobs is important. Two, find your intellect, gather the knowhow, have the reflexes to manage to the atrocious jobs at hand for they won’t come knocking after checking your readiness. And if that can’t be done have the subtle art of passing it on. Three, never accept the circumstances according to the terms that have been stated, manipulation of standards is the way forward, you need to realize playing by the rules are never going to help in getting things done. These might sound like sly, wisecracks but then again if everybody could understand the wisdom of these wouldn’t everyone around be happy. Four, find the courage the confidence to face all the probabilities all kind of chores, never feel the rush and the load of the workload be it household or occupational, for they aren’t any different for one another, bunch of buggers actually. Isn’t this what being young is all about- “believing secretly that you’re going to be the one man in the history of mankind”.

And if all’s not possible even by employing all the lessons learnt here don’t worry sit back, relax, and let others do the job for you while you sip your coffee. Hire YOUR SQUIRE INC. for the job, our professionals and experts in the field of not worrying will make your worries vanish just as easy as saying PUFF!!. We are experienced in not worrying, and that’s not the only thing that we are experienced at. We excel in this kind of miserable mess, making arrangements for the things that bother you and making your life have the time that is needed for it to be the blissful abode that everyone dreams of.  We provide for all kinds of chores ranging from maintaining your office related chores (off course we are not going to present your presentations, but we can surely arrange for getting them done) to your household chores, from your outdoor chores to your indoor chores, we specialize in dealing with the ruckus. Hire us and Make Your Daily Chores Your Gaily Chores. We’ll manage your chores with high finesse while you can be have the time of your life to actually do what pleases you, while you can pamper your life and keep the TWO LADIES, and the BOSS, and the Portfolio manager, and the CHILDREN, and their TEACHERS (you get the point?) of your life very much happy.

Your Squire Inc.

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