Take out the Taking Out Blues

Every now and then the tangibility and intangibility of various elements which hold the strings of love and heart are considered to have played a pivotal role in establishing the success of a relationship. We cannot always ensure longevity of any engagement simply based on the necessary and strong, yet intangible and immaterial aspect of human emotions.

People especially in today’s era have surfaced from the age old theories and are more rationally taking into account the feasibility and logical relevance of every emotion or action. Having financial stability is as much important as holding hands, keeping one’s physique is equally important to having sweet talks all night and planning awesome dates is equally important to taking care and cuddling.

Making memories: Our Business

Multiple types of dating practices call for multiple innovative planning. A well thought, well planned and well executed ‘date’ leaves a lasting impression on the relationship and in a similar way a miserable one puts an equally bad effect on the relationship. Generally the scene of Date Planning in India or for that matter globally as well is somewhat similar to the self-medication and self-healing scenario. We prefer to blame ourselves and play with our relationships (or physical health in terms of medical scenario) rather taking an advice or informed consultation/ opinion.

Not all dates can be planned in the same ‘Flowers, Movie, Dinner, Drive’ manner’. Not all minds have the same idea of Romanticism and certainly not the same interests. Gone are the days when 36 factors had to be referred to have a perfect match. Thus a close psychological understanding & personal connect is necessary for the execution of a memorable date. We believe that this is the least that we could expect from the couples.

A Blind date needs to planned like one, a speed date needs to planned differently, a Match-making date needs a somewhat different and delicate approach, a proposal date must have the right elements, a casual needs to have the requisite innovation every time, we’re not just quoting wisecracks here this is real time scenario. Every date starting from a Pick Up occurring in a restaurant and ending with a Long drive is so boring, so mundane, so 60’s, so orthodox, so appalling, so abhorring in concept that it amazes our guts.

While all sorts of events from birthday parties to family functions, from corporate events to business meetings are being planned and they have a flourishing business where solutions can be found for personalized requirements, why shouldn’t one seek expert, professional & organized consultation for another vital part of life: Love?

We with all conviction and pride inform you that Your Squire Inc. is into this business of making love a little bit more organized, savvy and pleasurable. We are there to turn your blind dates in a way that it would appear as if you’d known the stranger in and out for years, we make Valentine’s day the absolute picture perfect memory for days and years to come, we make your Match making meetings more comfortable and clumsiness free.

We do this in many professional ways (which we can’t disclose for the element of surprise and trade secrets might then have to be sacrificed), with our team of experienced psychologists, planners, hospitality specialists and relationship managers. We’d have these ways to charm your partners, to know their inner desires and make everything fall right into the place for you to have most phenomenal experiences of all times.

How many of us did actually fell for the Helicopter ride scene from Fifty shades of Grey and how many of us might have dreamt about doing the same amusement park date which John Abraham arranged for Priyanka Chopra in Dostana movie. Well we’re neither flaunting off nor are we making undeliverable promises but we have the concierge for all of this. Believe it or not but had Indian Govt. a little more open minded and sensible we’d have arranged for LGBT dates as well (alas it’s illegal here).

Your Valentines are waiting to be stumped, those champagnes are waiting to pop at the celebrations of your propose night, our jazz choir is up in arms to play ‘the Four Seasons’ for you, themes are waiting to be explored, venues are ready at your service; give it a try for we’ll do everything to make your dates better than the fairy tales.

The kind of planning, research and resources that have been used to develop this service; you’ll be amazed to see the results. And should you choose to still do everything on your own, with just brains and planning put to us then have our consultation only and put that individual- personal touch to the date. But with us you don’t need to start planning 50 days earlier, put reminders and compromise your other responsibilities because when you’re meddling with the date planning and your regular chores eventually both of them end breaking up (pun intended).

Outsource and find professionalism, outsource and find discretion and be less worried, outsource and get served, outsource and fall in love altogether again.

Your Squire Inc.



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