Whoever said I was Old…!

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

At first the infant…

Then, the whining school-boy with his satchel…

And then the lover, sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad…

Then, a soldier, full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard…

 And then, the justice, in fair round belly, with a good capon lined…

The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloons

 Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history, is second childishness and mere oblivion…

-William Shakespeare, The Seven Ages, As You Like It


And the last scene of all is the second childishness, where all youth, all wisdom, all health betrays one; leading Man to the feeble and withering part of his life. Every time anyone talks about old age this ballad flashes right in front the eyes as if it’s reminding us of the ticking clock so that we could gather the most of our life and end up content. All the other ages except the final two are either self-assisted or third-party assisted and but suddenly when the last of the teeth fall out, when the body mass hangs down more than it holds up with the bones and flesh, and when physical appearance becomes a brochure of your mortal abilities; assistance, seems like a luxury. This is not the stage of abomination, nor is it the stage when the effect is the shame for the cause of inabilities, neither is it the stage of feeble intellect nor is it a curse waiting to be purged. It’s the stage which needs to be understood, it’s the one that needs to be learnt from, the one that keeps our moral sanctity in sync and sound state, a gift as the cumulative effect of wisdom embraced all life, it’s the final parchment that is to be read, learnt, postulated and made ready for preaching so that the best could be garnered from it. It’s a great opportunity to have this age as a part of life otherwise what’s a life that’s left half undone.

It can all be summed up as: All of our endings can be found in our beginnings. History repeats itself, and there is no escape.

It was much needed to have this stage explained as the starting to this article because there are more prevalent theories navigating around influencing minds of the so-called GEN X people which deem this equally important and equally beautiful stage of life as the hell of all worlds. This is the very perception which has been based on ostensible appearances and parameters of evaluating the viability and remunerative feature of human life. While it lies proven that age does not render a person invaluable in any terms people still plan and manage things in a way which makes the old age appear like a sour part of life. So taken over, are we by the notion that we look at planning for the later part of life as the ultimate virtue of life, we plan and find ways to keep it from disrupting the essence of life while we don’t even realize that fear and awe of an integral part of life is the very sorry idea which eventually disrupts its stature.

Integrity and peace are sought in Adult diapers, pension schemes, and low floor buses to show that the old age is as devious stage as it is actually considered and petty measures are taken to show that care needs to be taken. While there is nothing wrong with the sub cause of this gesture (which is the need of care in old age) but the primary idea of old age being an abomination is disgraceful.

Aged section of the society does not needs diapers to be advertised as the tool of maintaining their integrity, that’s something which belittles the stigma of this particular age. Old age people need to find integrity in getting their lives own their own terms, having their lives considered as accomplishments and finding acceptance of their lessons as theorems of life; so what, if it might need some assistance. They don’t need lessons of behavior and appearances instead, they need people who can make them feel a part of the community as much as everybody else young or adult is. They need Geriatricians, not pillows to keep them from tripping over the bed, they need Yoga trainers, not orthopedists to tend their pains, and they need gerontologists more than inheritance lawyers. They need not feel the worries of their age but they should have the kind of emotional and physical caring which makes them confident enough to have met their end on their own terms even if it involves some assistance from nurse but no they do not need pension plans and diapers to have the sense of security; that’s basically depowering the marvels of life cycles who have had an experience of countless winters, summers, wars, revolutions, challenges, sorrows, and winnings.

Someone who can understand this can only make them feel privileged in the last stages or for that matter the final glorious scenes of their life play; Your squire does. With its trained and experienced team of Geriatricians, Gerontologists, Yoga trainers, nurses, specialist doctors and emergency medical staff available at all times for long term or incidental (we don’t want to use the word emergencies) requirements. For us Old Age Care is not just another duty which needs to be done as the gesture of duty itself, for pity or for that matter community service; it’s the profound method of assisting the execution just another stage of life as one has spent the rest of one’s life. Your Squire considers ripping off the unnecessary concern latched to this age by providing the means to people in order to have their lives the way they should indeed have: the normal and simple way. Our people while assisting the customers will not cater to their demands but will also enhance their interest in what needs to be done by them for living the life to its best.

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Why should old age be shown that it’s not as glorious as life otherwise has been, while life is most beautiful when it’s in this stage, more informed, more experienced, more enlightened and having more wisdom. “What we need for our fathers is there, in our heads… and subject to our judgement, not popular notion, never be concerned or sorry for what they are”. Love and death are the great hinges on which all human sympathies turn. The boundaries of what’s considered normal are getting narrower, outside those boundaries, is intended our helpful gesture. There’s one final thing that we could say about all of this that:

Life could go sans teeth, it could go sans eyes, sand taste but it doesn’t have to go sans everything; not at least while Your Squire’s there. They have been the people who’d seen Pink Floyd and Beetles live, they are the people who saw to it that the first man sat foot on the moon, they are the people who led the country from tangles of tyranny to summits of development; they need to be appreciated and respected the way they should be: Honorable comrades of humanity.

Your Squire is always up in arms to do so if given the chance, as we say: HELP ME HELP YOU.


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