Speak Your Way to the Riches

Padhe Likhe Ko Farsi Kya Part 2″

It’s not like that the French taught to you in school was only for the occasional showcasing that your parents generally did when guests come to your house (colleagues, relatives, friends: Beta, why don’t you say something in French?). Languages and their practitioners have over time moved out of that scholar cocoon to really barge into the mainstream business. As notified in our earlier article ‘Padhe Likhe Ko Farsi Kya’, language specialists & philologists do not have to just rely on a Teaching and Coaching career anymore as the only option because it’s very much evident that the conventional manager/ engineer jobs have gone outdated in these times of Self-employment Scenario.

As if they’d understand if I spoke French??

People like it in a Sapiosexual sense to have met a linguist or for that matter someone who knows multiple languages but it isn’t categorically compulsory for one to consider a French/ Spanish/ Chinese/ Sanskrit fluency as a mere intellectual feature because having the gift of two or more languages is not only intellectually good or presentable but it’s also profitable and sexy.

According to the Great Indian Orthodox, uninformed & Hippocratic opinion the first and probably the only career option for a linguist is Translation or teaching but in order to clear the air we’d like to bring this to light that it’s the third most probable career a person proficient in languages would choose. Linguists always have multiple options and their most preferred career choice is working in Foreign Civil Services. Whatever we expect from our Intern-to-associate-to-executive-to-manager-to-president-to-CEO/Partner jobs ranging from perks (residence, transit, incentives) to foreign travel, from Class 1 life to retirement benefits, from international exposure to handsome salaries; this business of Foreign Civil services as Linguists has got it all. You can be the next person whispering to the Prime minister what the other Prime minister just said at a UN assembly, you could be the one mediating a multi-billion deal between two national leaders; how quixotic, appealing, glorified and decorous this job sounds?

Priority banking and International Business representation is something which organizations have grown very fond of. And if you’re handling an overseas customer then the kind of service you’d be doing by merely speaking and alluring the client would kind of hold the keys to the company chests. With extended levels of globalization & foreign banks/ companies coming to our country, organizations need people who can us the slight of tongue to mutual profits.

Besides all this every time you watch a French/ Russian/ Chinese (Kung-Fu) movie don’t you think that with almost 200 foreign movies every year flowing into Indian Entertainment industry, wouldn’t it be imperative for those media firms to have language translators. There’s a swing to it, in being the voice of an Angry Bird, or the Mogli himself or Po (The Big Fat Panda). And who knows meeting the stars could actually be this fun and profitable.

Hospitality Industry craves for foreign money and literally you cannot do that unless you have some people who really know what they are speaking. “Show me your qualifications and I’ll believe you’re good, speak and I’ll know the truth”. Event management, Hotel Industry need language specialists. Jobs like Sommelier, Personal Translators, Tour Guides, Business representatives in this industry are the ones where you get to be the boss, choose a workplace, working hours & off course the remunerations.

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Nerdy and scholar jobs in this career are also very much into the scene. Forensic linguist for managing those foreign criminal/ civil cases, language & speech analysis, speech recognition and even legal representation earn the best & highest in this business. Do not hesitate if the clandestine tone of this description certainly titillates your guts for having the forensic legal job: James Bond, Will Grahm, Moneypenny eh!

We can go one listing jobs like Airline services, Advertisement industry, Publishing, data annotation, Communication Disorder therapists, speech healing, Phonetics, Freelancing translation-publishing, copywriting eventually one needs to understand that the times have gone when we were identified by the professional mainstream qualifications, immaterial experience in conventional jobs, for now we are being identified by our qualities and material flair in explicit exposure. It fits to quote the Pirate of the Caribbean Dialogue here- “the immaterial has become immaterial”- Lord Cutler Beccket

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Your Squire Inc. is the one organization that helps you to pursue this off the hook career. We provide professional services for beginners/ basic training and if you’re up for it then we have advanced coaching specialists as well. Home tuitions, Classroom engagement, Official employee training, Interactive online training, we have way to help you to literally walk your way in the riches by just speaking your heart out. Just, just mention the interest, make the call and we’ll be there, just;




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