Let the Doctor be the Doctor

To fall sick again after looking at the doctor’s bill is very commonplace in our country. Coincidentally the fear of consultation fees overcomes the fear of falling sick itself here, and the cumulative expenditure attached to the Doctor’s visit is something which evidently stops us from even thinking about taking the professional opinion.

And thus we Indians proudly, very wittingly based on the expertise of our Ancestral-Household-medicinal tricks (in order to be clear we are not undermining any ancient Indian Medicinal Science Ayurveda etc.; but the Gharelu Nuskhey is something we refuse to respect) and our all-time proficiency in the well acknowledged art of Jugaad have skirted our way around. We’ve discovered the boon (pun unintended) of Self Medication.

By the reports 71% of medical students of the country themselves choose to self-medicate in times of ‘illness’ or ‘dis-ease’ and this figure is nothing compared to the might of the great Indian Housewife who efficaciously lead the fight with 94% of them employing self-medication in both Urban and Rural encampments of Indian Population. Age, Gender, demography, education, occupation, nothing comes out to be the deciding or guiding parameter of this sinister practice.

Not only for the petty headache or the seasonal sneezing people have started to outsmart themselves and opted for using their own expertise in matters of advanced stage ailments like Sinus, Diabetes even Blood Pressure (hypertension/ hypo-tension). The effects not only include Mutation of the disease causing agents making them impervious to the medication advancements, but also lead to a decrease in mortal immunity, infant mortality, life expectancy, and most of all a great galore of demand supply scenario in medical industry making the rates go high delaying the onset of long expected ‘Achche Din’. Not only have we been born and brought up in the nourishment of Dadi-Nani Nuskhas but the current enthusiasm of Pharmaceutical Excellency has left no stone un-turned to screw us. The sheer availability of generic medicines, pro-biotic substitutes and the spectrum of their advertisements has made even Doctors wonder if whose side are the companies actually on. And then the able blooded, YOGA BABA has led masses into the league of blind followers of firstly into exercise and then into his own unique FMCG product line.

We are not blatantly interested in the blame game of pointing out who is responsible for the expansion of this sorry scenario, but we do understand the underlying fact that an average visit to the doctor for any simpleton ailment which might not even yield a diagnosis that could satisfy our investment (that’s how we calculate the relevance of our visit to the Doc) costs us 500 bucks; and added to that lies the very evident costs of Diagnosis Reports and Repeat consultation. Not only the monetary dilemma but the unavailability of medical assistance at odd hours, in odd circumstances is also something which governs the usage of this methodology of curing ourselves on our own. After all how many doctors are indeed available actually right at the moment when we need them (don’t we all have to wait by the clinics till our turn comes to be conned; no offense). Thus the stalemate kind of situation which has been an avid factor in the decline of Indian Healthcare and well-being is not premierly the brainchild of just the Indian thriftiness or for that matter lack of awareness.

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Realizing this important fact and the uncanny dilemma of the situation Your Squire Inc. has come up with a Eureka moment and designed a service which is going to single handedly fix the Healthcare problem. On call Consultation from Doctors is the service that’s going to obliterate the worries of Repeat visits, Unnecessary Diagnostic Expenditure, Consultation fees & Unprofessionalism. We’d have these experienced doctors with all kinds of experience and exposure in multiple selective Medical domains, whose credentials by the way would be available readily on our website, for assisting you in need of emergencies and preventing you from taking in more and more of the Drugs without due consultations. Our service would also cater to another evident part of Indian Mindset- the urge of having multiple opinions for getting one job done. We don’t even like to buy our bicycles without a second opinion and thus Health cases also need to have the same privilege. Your Squire Inc.’s aim would be to provide you the most informed, updated, first raw opinion which could help you to greatly reduce the curiosity factor, the haphazard proximity of indulging in wrong medication; a fool proof guide to what should be done for the onset of ailment or to mitigate the maximum loses caused by the disease before a definite medical course could be started and we could help you take good care of that dear pocket which over time has become more dearer (pun). We have great quality parameters for selection of our consultants and as we have already promised that we are not going to be like the Online directory websites thus our pool of resources is going to be extremely refined and seriously vetted.

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You can do your regular jobs and take rest at home while having expert opinion delivered right at your doorstep, you could keep yourself from the burden of fixing appointments and waiting in the queues, you can always have those first and second opinions thereby having informed understanding of your problem before you physically visit a doctor and off course you could save yourself from the KADHA before your mother or grandmother could shove some down your throat. We’d have services of On-call Assistance, Home visits and Home care including home based treatments. Falling sick is itself a very troublesome situation and to not have a trusted and cooperating medical assistance in these cases can perhaps lead to the increment of suffering; we as your prefect Squires are into the business of not letting any of these tensions bother you; for we serve for anything you wish for. We very much understand the painful ballad of “Sakhi Saiyan To Kubh Hi Kamaat Hai Mehngayi Daayan Khay Jaat Hai”.

First step towards solving a problem is to understand that you have one. Realize that the self-medication scenario is a grave danger to the sanctity of life and health and then by any means take the habit of consulting before curing yourself on your own. You don’t even realize but those regularly taken Pudin Haras and those weekly packets of Asprin or Paracetamol can contribute greatly to disfigurement of your metabolism. But rest assured, for thankfully we have found the right insight and the right amount of Pedigree with us, enough to sustain any threat to your health and to your wallet.

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We hope that you might not need it but we expect then when you might, you’d seek a professional guidance for medical situations from now onward, leaving the attempt to become your own nurse and let the Doctor be the Doctor indeed. Always serving the best for you.

Your Squire Inc.

Making your daily chores your gaily chores.


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