Feedback & Suggestions

In same we’d like to hear from you; your views and your feedback about our efforts. Putting aside all the jobs of this world this is one of those jobs which need utmost co-operation and trust of the user.

Therefore for any of your concerns regarding the services that we provide, regarding the services that you might need, regarding the user interface, regarding our consumer connect strategies, anything and everything; do let us know. Most of all we’d truly like to know for out of any of our services; how would you like them being delivered to you.

Give us a call, mail to us, message us or for the good of you write it here itself, we’d love to hear from you.

Off-course it doesn’t mean that we are not open to appreciation after all who is not zealous for a good applause.

Please do visit our blog for constant updates regarding Your Squire Inc and for other informatory media stuff

Your Squire Inc


Call us at: +91-9654-374-080/ +91-8287-997-667

Mail us at: /

Facebook link:


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