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Providing services is a very tedious business. Unorganized consumer availability, quality and consumer trust factor, communication and advertisement issues all add to the miseries of this segment. No matter, how efficient is there’s always some part of audience that one’s not able to reach. With Your Squire Inc this anomaly of your business is going to vanish like smoke in air. Reach with us to every household which for some reason remain untouched. With our amazingly organized and brilliantly interested consumer base your business is bound to get more and more traction. Simple profit sharing and simpler operation terms, is what’s going to bring the best to your business with Your Squire Inc. Enjoy with us the pleasure of serving your customer and get your fair pay for every job done perfectly.

Our provision includes:

  • Promotion of your name with our name for each sector we work with.
  • Fair pay and profit share which ensures both consumer and merchant satisfaction.
  • Easy operational and delivery parameters, even workable for any Smartphone using proprietor
  • Organized and regular consumer base.
  • Trust based channeled partnership with customer and merchant both.
  • Rewarding policies for highly efficient customer’s favorite service providers
  • Not even a shred of crony capitalism, mutually beneficial treaty for highest benefit of consumer first and then merchant second only to consumer.

So don’t let your reservations keep you from being a part of the revolution in making. Join us and find the true pleasure of serving people with increasing your billable. For we expect the same for you what we expect from our customer.



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