It’s NEW YEAR- “to main kya karu?”

Among those trending posts and news reports of ‘What all happened in the year that has gone by, what caught your eye, latest gigs, Bollywood/Hollywood news (which is hardly any news), 15 most bizarre reports (about 15 most blah blah nonsense things), we want you to take insight on what happened that truly held some importance for our lives.
Paris was hit by some maniacs, Donald Trump entered the US presidential race, beef was banned, maggi was banned, intellectual dialogue in parliament ceased, victory run of Saffron wave ceased, Awards returned, Criminals released including Salman Bhai, lot of things happened to keep up the ante of continuous craziness that defines the epitome of every other year in human life.
Something else also happened in this year which we believe was one of the most important happenings of Year 2015. We present you the pun infused, comical light hearted (we know they all mean the same, we’re just trying to create THE EFFECT) analysis of year 2015.

The Job You’re trying to find is out of coverage

Jobs have gone from being a means of survival to being status quotient emotional support, purveyor, they have pretty much gone from being just odd works or essential basic works to sophisticated carrot and improvised stick providing both the elixir and bane of lives.
Everything that we do eventually has a deep relation with our work, from studying hard and clearing exams to socializing, resume writing etc.
With Your Squire Inc the regular job search is going to be different.
Just like the Sari wala we’ll come to you with our bag of jobs once you call for us, we’ll get you the best with just what you have, no preparations no resume writing no training and no pain staking rounds of detailing and registrations, and we’ll not leave until there’s an offer letter in your hand

Pundit peculiarities (no offence)

The immediate subordinates to THE SUPREMO aren’t that profoundly available as we perceive them to be. It’s the question of faith; compromise isn’t the gratitude most people are willing to offer in these matters. Shouldn’t there be someone to keep a comprehensive database of these people to make them available to anyone and everyone based on absolutely specific and exclusive requirements just as if you’re getting a pundit right from your hometown even if you’re away from there. YOUR SQUIRE is the one stop destination to find your GODMAN your AGENT not only for one religion but for the complete democratic, secular (meaning clearly nothing but multi-religious) and sovereign audience. So for any of your future requirements just whenever you start feeling devotional bear one name in mind YOUR SQUIRE INC. Because we serve for anything you wish for.

Barat yours but Band Baja not yours

From the sangeet DJ to Reception background music, from Barat dhol etc till Bachelorette music, marriages: Weddings are one time affairs; people unless something bad happens (in other sense some would say if you’re lucky enough) don’t have multiple weddings so we need to make the ONE count. Wedding music is not something that can be arranged for just like any Groom’s Mare ( a small black patch might not harm very hard) it’s what defines one’s stature, ones flavour, grandiose and it also defines the memories that are made on the dance floor while doing that tango with a just made friend.
We don’t serve stale flavours at all occasions we work exclusively for sangeet, Barat, reception, mehndi, bachelorette, after party, first dance, mangni (sagai) anything and everything, with us everyday you might start finding occasions and reasons to have entertainment, music and dance for your wedding days.
With YOUR SQUIRE try to find the real music note of your life…

Till death do thy click!!

“What if we didn’t have cameras??”
With the camera itself and with the lifestyle itself photography has also revolutionized in many ways.
When memories become the collateral for transaction, that is the moment when a photographer fails- when photographer takes it just as a job and not as a contribution to a passionate experience. This is the reason why at Your Squire we don’t just find any photographer for you, we strive to find THE PHOTOGRAPHER for you based on your needs based on your description on how you want the photography services delivered.
Find out how are we able to do this, what is it that we know, and what is it that we offer in this scenario.
With us we assure you till death do thy click…

Padhey likhey ko Farsi kya???

Talk to me in any language that I understand and I’ll just get the meaning of it, talk to me in my language and I’ll catch the soul of it. Learning languages is a gateway to understanding cultures, understanding people, understanding regions; it helps not only in making connections with a greater part of the world but also provides us the ability to survive dynamically between different crowds. With YOUR SQUIRE find out how can we help you with all this…