There is no bureaucracy at Your Squire Inc. because we believe in equality and give equal importance & Value to each and everyone’s Idea/ Feedback. We have full faith and confidence in each other because we all here not to show people the right path but helping people to see the right path.

                                                                                                                                               Sushant Dey


If we convert this creative mastermind into an equation, he would equal “Imagination+ Versatility+ Precision”.

For him there is no it doesn’t work. He leads the operational and marketing department in our team. Naturally, he is the one to crack the fiercest backend challenges and ensures the best out of Your Squire Inc. Sushant can sit concentrated for several hours, not moving his body. If you listen carefully, you will hear his mind grind. He religiously follows STEVE JOBS & in leisure time enjoys reading Eric Ries, Paula Coelho & Shashi Tharoor.


                                                                                                                                             Ankur Gupta


Lost Nomad, living for the quaint sense of the world. A true believer of the idealistic old man media, Likes to write poems, articles and short stories. Stern atheist, a bit taciturn and absolutely upright.

Aspires to follow the steps of an old English musical character ‘DONQUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA’ – an old man with dementia who believes that he has been assigned to expiate all evil of the world. Wants to learn some day most of the languages of the world because of his true faith in the power of spoken and written words.

However at Your Squire Inc Ankur Gupta heads the strategic Department and also ensures the best of customer’s user experience with Marketing Department.

                                                                                                                                            Saurabh Singh


Watch out for this young man. He is driven in whatever he does. Saurabh is a Vanaras born citizen with heart and soul. He did his engineering from Allahabad and is realizing a dream to become an entrepreneur.

With his calm and structured nature he backs up the team, while he leads the Technical Department, Saurabh will not be shy about solving all your problems. This is Saurabh: Broad is scope and helpful by heart.

In his leisure time, Saurabh is interested in new trends in tech; He loves Electronic gadgets.



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